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Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Lon Chaney Sergeant O'Hara William Haines Private 'Skeet' Burns Eleanor Boardman Norma Dale Eddie Gribbon Corporal Madden Carmel Myers Zaya Warner Oland Chinese Bandit Chief Mitchell Lewis Native Frank Currier General Wilcox Maurice E.

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Taglines: An amazing, authentic glimpse of the real China, and the dangers that white "Foreigners" undergo in this land of mystery and death. Language: English. Runtime: min alternate. Sound Mix: Silent. Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Not only did Lon Chaney forgo his customary grotesque makeup for this picture; he refused to wear any film makeup at all, because - he reportedly reasoned - to have done so would have detracted from the documentary reality and integrity of the picture. Goofs When bombs start to drop near the bridge, several 'dead' bandits flinch.

One of them even lifts his head up before going back to playing dead. Quotes Pvt.

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His parents tried to talk him into joining the Navy or Air Force instead of the Marine Corps, but he wanted to go where the action was. He knew he was going to be in the fray pretty deep. When the issue of Life came out, two of his sisters, Kebbie and Theresa, were sure it was Jimmy in the photo. The rest of the family was not quite as certain — until a letter published in People magazine 17 years later confirmed it for them.

This felt like it brought the seeds of closure. Rob was 10 years old when Jimmy died, and he was always curious what happened. He was fascinated by the photo, and in sent letters to the Marines identified in the People article. One of them wrote back, but Rob never followed up. In my research, I came to believe that Alvin Grantham is an honorable man who had a similar experience as my brother, but his experience was not caught on film by John Olson on that February day in John Olson was drafted in when he was 19 and managed to get himself assigned as a photographer to Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the United States military.

Two years later, he was dispatched to Hue from Saigon to cover the Tet offensive. He carried five cameras, shooting black-and-white film for Stars and Stripes and color to capture images that he might sell elsewhere. In , he was also awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal for his work in Hue, where he spent days photographing the battle. But his encounter with the Marines on the tank was most likely glancing. The battle was so intense that he has no recollection of the individual men, or even of taking the picture.

Coming home from Iraq: A Local Marine's Story: Chad Russell at TEDxBend

Through reader replies, People found everyone in the frame except the unconscious Marine. Four weeks later, on April 29, it ran a follow-up story with interviews and new portraits of the men. The unconscious man on the door remained unknown, though not for long. After People published the second article, one of their reporters managed to track down Octaive Glass, who identified the wounded Marine as James Blaine. As the Navy corpsman attached to the unit, Glass had treated Blaine immediately after Blaine was shot.

Olson knew of the first People article in He had actually been commissioned to photograph Ommert. Three decades later, the approach of the 50th anniversary of the Tet offensive had a powerful effect on the photographer. He started revisiting his old work. In the course of his research, he read a interview with a soldier in Stars and Stripes. The interview recounted graphic details of Tet.

Olson says he was shocked to discover that the soldier in that interview was him. Olson tracked down nine Marines he had photographed in Hue, including at least three of those identified in by People as being on the tank.

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In one instance, a disagreement over whether the tank was in the Citadel or not when Olson snapped the photo furthered his skepticism. Olson came to feel that Grantham was different. One, Richard Hill, said he was the man at the far right of the photo. The other was Grantham. Olson spoke to Grantham and, after two exact retellings, he was convinced Grantham had been the unconscious Marine. Around the same time, Bowden was talking with veterans from Hue, and with journalists who covered the battle, as research for his book. He interviewed Olson, who sent him several photos and also told him about Grantham.

That, combined with a photo of Grantham and other Marine Corps records, made him confident of his narrative. But this version of events soon faced a challenge. That effort proved futile. Whereas Olson had photographed the unconscious Marine almost in passing, McCullin had been present with Third Platoon when the Marine was shot, and had photographed his initial treatment by Glass and other members of his platoon. McCullin had witnessed and documented almost the entire sequence of events, and still retains vivid memories of it. In 30 images on two rolls of film, he followed the unconscious Marine and members of Third Platoon from the moments just after he was shot until he was lifted onto the tank.

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This sequence, including images that show the wounded man from different angles, combined with other information he gathered, convinced Loyd that the wounded Marine was Blaine. The presence of Schlagel in several of the frames was also a decisive clue. When Loyd presented his findings to Bowden, Bowden pushed back. He had established that Grantham was shot on Feb. It was, as Bowden presented it, a matter of record. Loyd conceded that he must have been mistaken.

There was no reason to doubt that Grantham believed he was the stricken Marine. Grantham described a scene that was different, a treatment that was different and an injury pattern that was different from what was suffered by the man in the photos. That story was spreading.

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Olson approached the Newseum about a Tet offensive anniversary exhibition based on his photographs. Again, Blaine was left out. When the Newseum went through its own fact-checking process, she says, she had not been made aware of any alternate explanation of the identity of the wounded Marine, was not familiar with Loyd and had never heard of Blaine. In January , the Newseum opened its exhibit and hosted a panel discussion including Bowden, Olson and Grantham. Yeager, a Marine Corps improvised explosive detection dog , carried out nearly combat patrols and was awarded the Purple Heart after an IED explosion in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in April , took out part of his ear, according to a press release.

His handler, Marine Lance Cpl. Yeager was transported back to U. Yeager is now headed to Hollywood, California, on Oct. The American Humane Hero Dog Awards are a nationwide competition held every year to recognize dogs that do amazing things. Yeager will also compete for the top award the American Hero Dog. Continue on to the Marine Corps Times to read the complete article. This means you can get an emergency refill at any Tricare network pharmacy. Take your prescription bottle with you. Tricare has also temporarily suspended the requirement for a physician referral for Prime and Prime Remote beneficiaries in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, due to Hurricane Dorian. This waiver applies until Sept. Continue on to Military Times to read the complete article.

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