Mère merveille (Littérature) (French Edition)

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The French artist works primarily with metal, creating sculptures and staged video with strong narratives.

These recordings performed by pianist Philip Thomas reveal Wolff as a composer fully exploring, in different ways, the continuum between music which is highly fragmented, embracing extended silences—composed or indeterminate—to that which is more progressive and seemingly driven, albeit taking in disarming and unconventional routes. Reference monograph on the singularly radical work of Michel Parmentier—an important addition to the history of painting in the second half of the 20th century.

Belle du Seigneur

The first part of a larger novel in several episodes: a text about the perception of time and how some places mark people's minds. Palais 30 — Future, Former, Fugitive.

This exhibition devoted to a French scene is based on an open view of belonging to a land and it escapes from the effects of a tabula rasa dictating that one generation eclipses another. It unites a good forty artists born between the s and the s, but who all live and work in and within their era. A total and exploded socio-politico-poetic inquiry into the poetic milieu, based on a textual-visual-sound device. A transdisciplinary study that sheds new light on the birth of modern architecture in France through its relations with the printed text, vector of the diffusion of the architectural ideal at the scale of the nation, and the emergence of the public sphere between the end of the 17th century and the French Revolution.

Mark Antliff Le fascisme d'avant-garde — La mobilisation du mythe, de l'art et de la culture en France Though they lacked political or social influence in the period, female authors still produced two thirds of the fairy tales written between and How did largely disenfranchised women develop such a powerful genre and literary influence in this constricting period? One explanation is that early fairy tales were passed orally through families and were therefore widely accessible to individuals across gender and class. Even with less education than their male counterparts, women would have had equal knowledge of this common mythology.


Manual Demain les filles on va tuer Papa (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

Women may even have had greater access to these stories, as females were typically associated with storytelling, likely because of their domestic and child-rearing duties allowing them to harness the tales and put them into print. The imaginary and supernatural focus of the genre itself also provided women the opportunity to separate from the conditions of their everyday life.

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In the tales they could claim greater power and agency for themselves and their female characters. In fact, the tales often undermined and offered veiled critiques of these institutions, depicting the royal court and the church as either too extravagant or impotent.

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