LifeCoach Your Teens: Five Principles to Help Your Kids Thrive

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To contact Monica, leave a voicemail or text your information name, phone, time zone, and best time to contact to She works with her clients to help them develop a clearer idea of their goals, create a plan to achieve them and eliminate road blocks along the way. Specializing in Transformational Coaching, Lynne helps her clients uncover their God-given talents, tap into their inner strength and evoke radical change. Lynne helps others take control of their lives, starting from the inside out. Lynne is helping countless people live passion-driven lives, focused on embracing their stories and uncovering their purpose.

Anna loves connecting creatively through the arts and helping those around her to achieve their goals and live their purpose. She has experience in radio, entertainment, music industry, vinyl production, and has played the cello for 22 years. She is an arts nonprofit founder and began her transition to coaching creatives in Her brand is the Heartbeat Hive, where musicians, artists, writers, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs can gather to buzz together with a high vibration and support each other while gaining inspiration and insight into personal growth.

Born and reared in Norfolk, Va. I dropped out of high school during the height of bussing in February of Like so many of my peers, I had a hard time adjusting to civilian life and had no direction to focus my attention on and as a result saw no real future. Since then that vision grew into a working plan to actually live the life of my dreams.

Biblical Parenting Coaching Program: Find a Coach

Now I wish to help other veterans make that transition with much greater ease than I had. Let me show you how. You can be free to create the life experience that you desire and express your soul purpose. I take people through the process of personal growth and transformation with an emphasis on environment; how we are affected by our environment, and how to create an environment that supports our transformation and our new life.

The environment that we live in is a very important part of our well being. Yet in personal development we rarely talk about this aspect. We teach about mind, body, and spirit, but we do not address the environment that our mind, body, and spirit operate within. My approach is to teach the importance of our relationship with our environment, and the lessons that we can learn from nature and natural processes. I share my journey of freedom, growth, and joy with my husband and two young daughters.

We live in the home that we manifested in the beautiful state of Colorado. I have a B.

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My intention is to use my creativity and love of nature through coaching, writing, photography, and guiding transformational outdoor workshops to teach and empower others to be free to thrive. My desire is for everyone to expand their minds, become personally and financially free, and be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. You can create anything you want. You can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do, and go anywhere you want to go.

All you have to do is dream it, and believe it. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and trust in the power of the Universe. I have the greatest pleasure of working with so many amazing and beautiful people looking to take control and start living life the way they want. I Coach based on the Law of Attraction and have witnesses first hand and celebrated many successes with my clients in any and all areas of life- from Business Ventures, Relationships of all kinds, Weight Loss, Personal Health, Growth and Development and even just living Day to Day.

All you need is a desire to make a positive forward motion in your life, in any way you choose. Law of Attraction is easy to use and no matter how you feel, or where you are- your dreams are within reach. Her credentials include a medical doctorate specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After retiring from her medical practice she became a certified Martial Arts Instructor and later a Reiki Master Teacher to be able to continue her healing work.

Irena has helped thousands of women with their most intimate issues; she has served hundreds of patients promote their own healing and well-being with Reiki and is now empowering women to find a life of purpose and abundance through coaching. After years of struggling to balance work, raising five children and keeping her marriage together she finally found the way to lasting happiness. She is passionate to share her insights and tools with the many women who struggle as she did. She will show clients how to tap into their inner strength and wisdom to become abundant in all aspects of their life.

Contact Dr. Irena at dr. Upon learning how to use deliberate thoughts and energy my life changed completely. I moved abroad, learned a new language and held management jobs in foreign companies until I decided to get out of the rat-race where I set-up my own business in the fitness sector. Upon selling up I decided to do something crazy at the age of Become an airline pilot! Having achieved that now I feel a different calling…fly less and assist others to realize their dreams of living fulfilled lives.

I help young people, women and men step into their power and shine by unleashing their true inner resources. I have combined my years of acting, directing, and Life coaching experience along with my training in the Law of Attraction to help others create their right life. My name is Evelyn and I hail from one of the top ten places in the world to live, beautiful Canada.

I have been blessed with three children, 4 grandchildren and now 2 great grandchildren.

Being there for your child

They bring me much happiness and joy and spending time with them is one of the things I enjoy most. I have extensive training and experience in Early Childhood Education. During my time as a Child Care Director I had the opportunity to prove my leadership abilities by building teams for other Centers within the Organization. Since moving to Canada I have been able to take those skills and apply them in a totally different way.

I am now a Consultant and Facilitator. I have a very strong belief that love is the answer to many of the problems I see in families and schools. If you are struggling with parenting issues I hope you will consider my services. She has taken these two talents and combined them into helping people create the image of their ideal body through artistic love and appreciation of where they are now.

Teaching nutritional changes for better health and LOA coaching for a lifestyle of abundance, joy, freedom, and loving yourself lifestyle. To bring natural alignment and well being back to our bodies and minds.

Safer than a park back home

To put you back in control and help guide you on the journey of loving yourself to your ideal body and lifestyle. That beautiful joyful, abundant, free, creative, loving being that you truly are. Her art had taken her to the White House twice, several TV productions and around the world. Her fitness expertise created an 18 year supervisory position at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle- one of the most prestigious city athletic clubs in the country.

I would love to help you fine tune the relationship between quality family time and a successful career, while also discovering more joy in all areas of your life. The timing, and tug, of demands on a single parent can be daunting at times, but as we focus on your intention to be a great parent, while excelling in your career, you will feel a place of balance. I was a single parent for 15 years raising 2 children, so I know it can be challenging!!

But I also know, that your career can thrive while you take time to enjoy the important moments as a family along the way. You will find that with the Law of Attraction, you can be successful in your career without sacrificing a happy, healthy home life. YOU can thrive without feeling guilty and overwhelmed. I would be honored to help you find that balance in your life. It feels exciting just to think about it; taking that next step, and this time knowing deep in your bones that you will be successful! Are You ready to take that next step and have fun along the way, creating amazing results?

There is no limit to what you can accomplish once you take that first step no matter where you are or have been in your life. I customize your coaching for your specific goals and with your participation, you achieve extraordinary results with the support of my experience along the way. I draw from my wisdom having had many diverse careers and relationships from dog walker, beekeeper, to corporate engineer for a Fortune company, Six Sensory Practitioner, owing my own businesses, assisting people in their careers, business, grief and relationships.

One of my favorite quotes that continually inspires me to move beyond any of my own fears or doubts to be a conscious creator is from Mary Oliver:.

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  • Candace is a Life Coach and Certified Recreation Therapist with a desire to show people how to fuse play, leisure and recreation into their daily lives so that they can achieve a greater quality of life and increased well-being in mind, body and soul. Cathy supports individuals in getting from where they currently are to where they wish to be by helping them to see their blind spots.

    Whether that be in your career, in your personal or spiritual life, feeling stuck can become overwhelming. Her front row seat to the development of the four beautiful souls of her children has also allowed her to fine tune her ability to cut straight through to the beliefs and obstacles behind behavior and choices. Are you tired of the status quo? Tired of trying to keep up?

    John Andrew Williams

    Do you want to be free and run through the grass like when you were a child? Your dreams can come true and you can be the best version of you! Heidi McElvaine overcame abuse by working with spirit and believing in her own truth and power. Raise your Vibration and Feed starving Kids for Free!!! Niche: My niche is coaching highly sensitive people that have been in a hard time, overloaded, or burnt out. We cherish our two children, who are now young adults, and who are carving out their own way in life, and we are proud to see how they are getting along in this tumultuous world.

    I have been in Marketing and Consulting for most of my working life. I discovered how happy I became from the development of my coachees. That was cut short in April , when I was hit by a car while running. As soon as I somewhat recovered, I picked up coaching again. I specialize in highly sensitive people that have experienced some kind of mishap bullying in their youth, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, or just being spent , and I am specifically succesful. You can testdrive me!

    Tony Robbins's Top 10 Rules For Success (@TonyRobbins)

    I offer three sessions for free one intake, two coaching sessions without any obligation. After that we decide if and how we are proceeding. I do encourage to agree on a goal or objective to attain at the end of a trajectory.