A Promise Given: A True Story of Life, Love and Bluebirds

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Rick Kelley's wildlife and African art is a visual journal of his life's travels, experiences and adventures. Every creation evokes a fond memory of the wildlife Rick admires, preserves, and respects. Rick Kelley's approach is to capture the emotion in each animal, whether it is the serenity of the loon, the majesty of the bald eagle or the stealth power of the gray wolf.

These visions and strong emotions coupled with Rick Kelley's scientifically and proportionately correct images have made him a nationally recognized and critically acclaimed wildlife artist. Rick Kelly began his quest to be an artist out of a love for nature at the early age of ten. He continued to paint through school, and after graduation Kelley took advantage of his father Don Kelley's transfer to Montana.

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There he used Montana's beauty as a backdrop and inspiration for his work. After studying at Eastern Montana University, Rick set out on his own. Less than ten years later in , he began painting professionally….. Preserving a Strong Commitment of Giving An avid outdoorsman and naturalist, Rick Kelley donates much of his artwork to conservation fund-raising efforts and other charitable organizations.

It is an honor to have my art work supporting such a worthy cause, " said Kelley. Gateway to Freedom Rick's passion for embracing wildlife conservation was highlighted during the whale rescue near Barrow, Alaska.

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In October , humanitarian Eskimos discovered three California gray whales trapped by ice near Barrow, Alaska. Wildlife management biologists, with the assistance of the resources of the North Slope Borough and citizens of Barrow undertook to free the whales from this ice prison. Soon the rescue effort elicited the support of numerous state and federal agencies. Environmental groups and oil industry representatives offered assistance as world attention turned to the trapped whales. While the weather became more frigid, whale rescue workers had great difficulty keeping the whales' breathing holes free of ice, jeopardizing their survival.

Volunteer rescue workers came from as far as Minnesota to provide some assistance.

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  • Their presence allowed the additional time needed to assure the whales' release. The rescue attempt became an international effort when a Soviet icebreaker was called upon to open the ice completely giving the whales' a "Gateway to Freedom. Hearing of the ordeal, Rick composed "Gateway to Freedom," in an effort to raise funds for the trapped whales. Kristi's Garden An art gallery owner in Colorado made Rick aware of a 9 year old girl named Kristi with cancer. Kristi's mom was a single parent and was having a hard time paying medical and living expenses.

    Rick immediately wanted to do something to help the family. Through the gallery owner, he contacted Kristi and asked about her favorite colors and animals. Rick Kelley composed "Kristi's Garden" that included the little girl's favorite colors and animals with special emphasis on the color purple, bunny rabbits and butterflies.

    Rick gave the original to Kristi and galleries across the country sold the prints as a benefit for Kristi. Enough prints were sold to cover all of her medical expenses. I love hearing them sing at festivals and in late-night jam sessions afterward. And of course, I love listening to their many recordings. The first cut is — wait for it! Though Pharis recorded a couple of versions of the song in the s, it did not become a hit until it was recorded in by The Browns a trio comprised of Jim Ed Brown and his sisters, Maxine and Bonnie.

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    The Browns took the song to number four on the U. Billboard country charts. After the song hit it big, many other acts recorded it, making it one of the most recorded songs written by a Canadian.

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